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Ground Floor For Rent Or Sale In Beit Mery - Roumieh, Lebanon

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Property ID : BM0997

For Sale or Rent $48,000 Per Year - Furnished Apartment

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Panoramic View Furnished Ground Floor For Rent Or Sale In Beit Mery

454 square meters furnished ground floor apartment featuring 3 living rooms, 1 dining room, 4 regular bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 maid’s quarter, 1 driver’s quarter and 1 kitchen.

More features include 350 square meters terrace, balconies, elevator, generator, AC splits, heating system, cable TV, electric and manual shutters, cable internet, fire place, phone line, water reservoir and 2 parking lots.

4 Floors In All The Building- 2 Apartments Per Floor
Year Built 2005

Rental Price: 48000$ Per Year Payable in Cash Dollar
Selling Price: 1,200,000$ Payable in Cash Dollar