About Us

A little about ICAR Wakim


ICAR Wakim is a Lebanese real estate company, established in 2002. We are based in Beit-Mery.

Our clients appreciate our strategic planning, personal approach, and swiftness. We meet our customers needs by understanding their expectations, translating them to unique and effective market concepts, monitoring the availabilities, and seizing the hottest opportunities.

We strive to deliver total quality in all our proceedings, so that our customers could participate in a lucrative venture, or simply own the home of their dreams.

I  –   Investment
C  –  Contracting
A –  And
R –  Real Estate

Our Mission

We are committed to creating enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the most dedicated professionals supported by innovative programs, tools and management. We strive to provide ongoing home services for our clients before and after the sale and work together to create a great environment where we can learn grow and succeed together. We also hold ourselves responsible for delivering innovative and efficient business plans as every day brings a variety of new investments.

Our Values

We work hard with sustained effort and always look forward to achieving the highest levels of leadership, integrity and excellence. We are keen to provide the best standards of service to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.
Constant improvement, innovation and growth, celebration of individual success, respect of individual success, respect for each individual and working for mutual opportunities and fulfillment are our core values that distinguish us from others.

Our Team

Working together is essential. Harmony and a positive attitude are critical to success. Without synergy and devoted teamwork our goals will remain unattainable.
At ICAR Wakim, we highly appreciate talent and we continuously work to explore personal potential and to reward outstanding achievement.
Our highly committed team is the company’s backbone and the catalyst of its success, creating and driving the trust in ICAR Wakim brand.

ICAR Wakim is also a member of the REAL Syndicate in Lebanon